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Angry Anderson, Interview March - 14 - 2011

Only Australian Music

Posted by Paddy

There are few front men in Australian rock more revered than the outspoken Angry Anderson of Rose Tattoo . 

His versatility as an entertainer has seen him successfully venture

into theater and television as well as release a couple of solo albums.

Angry is a true Aussie rock legend and he was kind enough

to answer a few questions for the site.


O.A.M….It has been reported that you have said that you will end

Rose Tattoo after one more album, is that still your plan?

The plan is to do one more album and then only play selected gigs both here and in Europe annually/seasonly we would hope to include USofA occasionally as well;..this year will be our last major tour to celebrate 35th year since formation.

O.A.M….The legendary lost Rose Tattoo album recorded in 1980 with Billy Thorpe and Lobby Lloyd is said to be released soon, is it any closer?

To my knowledge that album will never be released as Alberts records have all rights to it and never intend releasing it,..I would not give our blessing to it being released in its recorded form, retrospect that band project should have had its own band name as the band was not reallyRose Tattoo,…diferent music and different direction.

O.A.M….What part did Billy Thorpe play on it?

Billy produced several trax in America just prior to the recording of that lost album,.. versions of which appeared on the whole album which was recorded back here in Australia some time later,..Billy played no part in the recording of the album in Australia.

O.A.M….Still on that lost album, there is a collection of songs floating around the Internet purporting to be the lost album, it has a song called The Creeper on it. Is the song Creeper on Blood Brothers a re working of a song originally recorded back in 1980?

Yes we reworked several songs for “Blood Brothers”..”Creeper” made it onto the final cut.

O.A.M….The Angry/Pete Wells and the Damn Fine Band album is a fantastic take on some classic songs, it sounds like you guys had a blast recording it. Has any of it been played live before?

We were playing those songs as our set for our weekend band DFB so we just borrowed a studio for an afternoon and recorded the set live,..don’t remember much about it ‘though as we were having a few beers that day as I vaguely recall.

O.A.M….The Southern Stars album most particularly the song Southern Stars has a fierce patriotism vibe to it. This is a rarity in Australian music, not so in US music though, I was wondering if you had any thoughts on why that disparity exists?

Rose Tattoo has always been fiercely patriotic and that does set us out from the crowd but then we never ran with the crowd,..we are very proud to be Aussies,..we are very proud Aussies,..we honour our history;.

O.A.M….Australia spawned many world class rock bands, but very few have made much noise overseas. AC/DC is the obvious exception, but there were others such asRose Tattoo , The Angels and the Screaming Jets to mention just a few, why do you think such bands didn’t achieve the same heights of success?

In our case I think we were too much,too soon and we did have a tendency to fuck up and piss people off,..industry people that is,..we never did achieve success on the radio which off course is vital to across the board acceptance,…we weren’t pretty either although that didn’t stop AC/DC or “The Stones”.

O.A.M….Looking around now at the indie music scene, there seems to be a huge revival going on in all the different breeds of Australian rock, from traditional pub rock to modern rock, are you feeling it too or is it just wishful thinking?

I will believe it when I see it but as for us we are still too much for all but the brave and the crazy,..Australia is in a bit of a conservative slump at the moment although there is an underground Metal scene going strong and fragments of punk and some good Indie shit but mainstream is caught up in TV Idol fiasco bullshit,..nothing succeeds like mediocrity.

O.A.M….This last few years have been traumatic for the band with the tragic loss of several members/ex members. How hard was it to carry on with the band?

All original members have died apart from me and this lineup includes two of the second lineup, Geordie and Robin,…the band has always been about “Spirit”as much as members,..we still have that spirit,..the flame still burns,..but has been hard some times to keep going but that as the say is life.

O.A.M….If/when you end Rose Tattoo, what will you do?

Drink good beer and bourbon,smoke good cigars and sing love songs ,…

O.A.M….Have you ever considered writing a book?

I am writing a book,…I did a book some years ago with a lady who used to produce me on TV and will continue on from that one but with much more detail and a lot of shit has happened since then to write about.

O.A.M….I have to ask this, even though I suspect you might be sick of answering it, the Beats From A Single Drum album. It put a lot of your hard core fans offside a little, but it gained different set of fans. With the magnificent gift of 20/20 hindsight that we all have, would you do anything differently regarding that particular album?

That album should never have been released as a Rose Tattoo album as it was not aRose Tattoo album it was meant to be my first solo album on my new label but they fucked up thinking that I could not carry the project on my own,..I proved them wrong when later I had a big hit in England with “Suddenly” and the album was re-released as “Angry Anderson”… in my own right,..never listen to record companies they know very little about making music.

O.A.M….The last question is the same for everyone, whats your favorite Australian song?

“Golden Miles”..recorded by “Healing Force”………can’t forget “Eagle Rock”‘tho’ by” Daddy Cool”….god there are sooo many ‘tho as many of my favourite songs are Australian,….Aussie rock rules.

Thank you Angry for your time, I appreciate it, and thank you for many years of high quality, high octane blues driven rock.

The end of Rose Tattoo will be a sad day for Australian rock. All I can suggest is anyone out there reading this, make sure you go see them before it happens. You won’t regret it.

ROCKS Magazin 26 (01/2012) mit CD

Triumph und Tragödie lagen bei den australischen Heavy-Rockern nahe beieinander. Frontmann Angry Anderson über eine bald unwiderruflich zu Ende gehende Ära.

More Info:

Rose Tattoo Australian Tour Dates 2011


Thu 8 Cambridge Hotel Newcastle NSW
Fri 9 Annandale Hotel Sydney NSW
Sat 10 Annandale Hotel Sydney NSW
Thu Dec 15 Panthers. Port Macquarie NSW
Fri Dec 16 Coolangatta Hotel Coolangatta QLD
Sat Dec 17 Tempo Brisbane QLD



Thanx to Clarke for the shots !!!


Doors 6:30 PM
THE POOR -8.05PM - 8.45PM
BABY ANIMALS - 9.00PM - 9.40PM

Rose Tattoo at Wellers Of Kangaroo Ground

Rose Tattoo- Up Close & Dangerous

Friday 24th & Saturday 25th June

Review & pix from the Sando show !

Thanx to Volker for the shots & Review

27 May 2011 - MELBOURNE Forum Theatre
28 May 2011 - Waves, Wollongong
3 June 2011 - Penrith Panthers, Evan Theatre
4 June 2011 - SYDNEY Enmore Theatre

Rose Tattoo Special Guests on Australian ZZ top Dates

US Southern rock legends ZZ TOP have announced a five-date Australian tour to tie in with their previously confirmed show at the Byron Bay Blues Festival in April. The band will be supported by ROSE TATTOO and THE POOR. Tickets go on sale from 9am on December 7th.

ZZ Top & Rose Tattoo will play the following dates:

18 - Melbourne, Australia - Festival Hall
20 - Newcastle, Australia - Entertainment Centre
25 - Wollongong, Australia - Entertainment Centre
27-28 - Sydney, Australia - Enmore Theatre

Celebrating the life n times of Pete Wells

Sunday 27th March 2011 is the 5th Anniversary of Pete Wells' death.
The gig/ get together in his honour is on at the Sandringham Hotel , 387 King Street Newtown (02 9557-1254), Sunday 27th March - 4pm til late.




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