13.November 2022

Good morrow brothers and sisters, the following is meant as an update to clarify recent events and changes in the ever changing and evolving ‘Tatt’s’ story..some might say saga.
Firstly, even tho’ it’s old news by now, we wish Bob, our once resident alien, the best that life can bring in his new adventures, Bob has moved on, leaving us without a guitar player.. or has he?..exciting news on new boy coming soon!
It should go without saying that we were bummed,stunned and saddened to hear of him leaving but we wish him only happiness and fulfillment in all of his new projects, Bob brought something wonderful into the band and I, for one, will always be grateful for his contribution to the life and legacy of the ‘Tatt’s... fare thee well dear Bob you will be missed.
Another change is that we will not be playing anymore gigs for the remainder of this year which includes the Paddington RSL gig which will be rescheduled into next year.
We will be doing one overseas jaunt next year and that will be on the rock cruise out of US of A.
We will not be touring Europe, in their summer festival season, next year due to financial uncertainty, this is the result of advice from our European booking agency, so we will be looking to doing as many gigs that we can here at home.
Hoping to be working with some very Koolio people as double headers but more on that later!
Nothing lasts forever so we are making some plans for the near future, revisiting our past, creating a NOW and planning ahead for something new and exciting,..as George Harrison so eloquently said ‘All things must pass’.
Sooo onwards and upwards brothers and sisters, keep the faith! We have weathered many storms together and we are only stronger for those trials,....Stay young, grow strong but above all else..Rock On!


Tatts Forever Forever Tatts!!

This group is from fans for fans.
The goal is to share our love for mighty Rose Tattoo.
Feel free to post photos, tell us your memories or post your favourite songs.
Please no spamming, any spammers will be immediately deleted from the group. We aint here to sell boots, sunglasses, sex toys or your used underwear - unless it's according to Rose Tattoo.
Also please watch your words, stay calm, polite and gentle. We are all human and we all have emotions though we connect only by Internet. But in front of every device sits a real person and your words could cause harm.
Cheers and thanks to everyone for joining and sharing our love for the Tatts, the admins

The Cover from Tatts Scrapbook  Dave and Stef

Fans of the First Hour !!!

  Melbourne Sharps !!!




Partner Frank Langhanke | www.naturfotografien.net
Partner Frank Langhanke | www.naturfotografien.net

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