Thank you Dai for the time at Rose Tattoo and all the best for the future !!! TFFT !!!

After 16 years in the Tatts I have decided to move into a new career in mental health.
Those of you that know me well would know that I have been studying full time for the last three and a half years towards achieving this goal, so it was not a quick decision.
I am now working in this industry and finding it both immensely rewarding and challenging and with that comes a responsibility that no longer allows me to be a touring member of the band.
I would like to thank all who have supported me in my time in the Tatts.
To my band mates, you will always remain as some of my closest friends, I love you all dearly, especially Angry who has been very supportive of my journey over these last few years.I wish the band all success in the future.
Cheers, Dai. Dai Pritchard

Tatts Forever Forever Tatts!!

This group is from fans for fans.
The goal is to share our love for mighty Rose Tattoo.
Feel free to post photos, tell us your memories or post your favourite songs.
Please no spamming, any spammers will be immediately deleted from the group. We aint here to sell boots, sunglasses, sex toys or your used underwear - unless it's according to Rose Tattoo.
Also please watch your words, stay calm, polite and gentle. We are all human and we all have emotions though we connect only by Internet. But in front of every device sits a real person and your words could cause harm.
Cheers and thanks to everyone for joining and sharing our love for the Tatts, the admins

The Cover from Tatts Scrapbook  Dave and Stef

Fans of the First Hour !!!

  Melbourne Sharps !!!




Partner Frank Langhanke |
Partner Frank Langhanke |

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